A Journey Marking 10 Years of iPhone

Its the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year and Apple is planning something extraordinary. Apple has been a revolution under the Tech Guru Steve Jobs; his unusual ways of dealing with new product development were a terror for many while they were a learning curve for the others.

Steve was an amazing salesperson and an ingenious marketer. His style of introduction was just extraordinary and his presentations used to have 1 or 2 words per slide with a font size of 72! His unique style, continuous persuasion for excellence and ‘out of the box’ ideas in product development took Apple to the top!

In honour of the astonishing 10 years of revolution from keypads -> QWERTY -> touch screens, the transformation has been a journey worth looking back at. Let us have a look at the first iPhone ever launched:

As you have seen the first iPhone, lets have a glance at all the iPhones launched during the course of years. The below image has a missing iPhone 7.

Evolution of iPhones
Source – Reddit

With the demise of the genius Steve Jobs, iPhone has not been much of a revolution that we all expected. It has become more of a trend follower than a trendsetter. However, the journey from where it all began has to be marked. It is important because that was a point where we stopped clicking out those dull keys and moved to an amazing User Interface and User Experience.

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Why should you not buy iPhones now?

This is the year of 10th Anniversary of iPhone and Apple have taken ample time to make something amazing. They even avoided the launch of a new phone by introducing red iPhone in the beginning of 2017. If you don’t recall here is the picture of the same:

red iphone


So why not wait till September? There might be a disappointing or maybe one of the most exiting announcements in Apple since a long time. The buzz is everywhere in the industry and a lot is at stake for Apple this time. Steve has set such high standards for Apple that it has been a difficult journey for Tim Cook who is the current CEO in Apple.

Also the prime reason for not suggesting you to buy an iPhone is: as soon as the new iPhone will launch there will be a significant decrease in the amount of the previous iPhones and there will be a pressure to clear out the stock.

There have been lot of rumors of how the new iPhone might look like. Have a look at this:

People are receiving different shipments from all around China and we are sure there might be some rumors true but the real iPhone might have something truly out of the box.

Stay tuned for some amazing articles.

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