Apple MacOS High Sierra Security Flaws Exposed

Security flaws always exist in most software that can be hacked using some programming language or through scripting. However, there are some security flaws that don’t require hacking at all. You just have to be smart enough to hack it.

Apple macOS High Sierra can be hacked
Security flaws in Apple MacOS High Sierra

Apple recently introduced new MacOS High Sierra at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Last night a software craftsman Lemi Orhan Ergin, founder of Software Craftsmanship Turkey ,  found out a security bug in High Sierra that gives full access of the system to anyone.

To break into MacOS High Sierra operating system security, it is not necessary that you should be a professional hacker. Anyone can login as ‘root’ with empty password after clicking on the login button several times.

After this tweet going viral, many of High Sierra users tried this security bug at they found the same flaw what Lemi Ergin had tweeted. Succeeding the above post Lemi also shared a screenshot of how this security flaw could be encountered.

After two hours of this tweet getting viral, the official twitter handle for Apple support ( replied:

Three hours later, Lemi Ergin shared a fix that can prevent anyone from accessing your MacOS:

By the time the post was getting viral on the internet, twitterati were engaged in debate that Lemi Ergin should have used ethical disclosure system or should have used a bug reporting system and could have rewarded himself with bug bounty.

However, few were by the side of Ergin stating that he was not the one who had risked thousands of computer by tweeting the flaws publicly but it was the Apple who should have been more careful before releasing something that would cause this problem.

Here are some some tweets:

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