Bitcoin Breaks $3,000 Mark – Hits All Time High

2017 has been the year for Bitcoin, as it’s been hitting headlines a lot of late. Earlier, this year, Bitcoin was in the news for reaching its record high and crossing the $2,000 mark for the first time – in May 2017.

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It then soared and by June, the digital currency had almost reached $3,000, only to crash again. Now, the currency has crossed the $3,000 mark and a couple of exchanges even listed the currency as 1 BTC = $3,200 today.

A few days back, Bitcoin was in the news as the Bitcoin fork had taken place, leading to the creation of a new crypto-currency, known as Bitcoin Cash. Exchanges haven’t been accepting Bitcoin Cash and this is the primary reason for the surge in BTC and the drop in BCC.

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The value of BCC fell over 30% in trade today and is currently being valued at 1 BCC = $200-$210. However, this seems like a good time to buy BCC as the acceptance rate could increase in the time to come. Expect BTC to fall sharply as well.

Not a lot of exchanges (including Coinbase) have accepted Bcash which means that there is a slot of uncertainty over the rates of BTC and BCC recently and the uncertainty will continue for the ext few days/weeks. I would personally stay out of trading in Bitcoin at the moment.

Watch this space for more updates on the Bitcoin story!

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