Google AI Can Detect Heart Attack Risk With Eye Scan

Technology which is invented by humans have always proved to be saving time in this modern era and in some cases saving human lives as well. On a day to day basis, one can get to see more inventions hitting the market or advancements in the already developed technologies.

Technology has saved many lives in the much needed health-sciences field. Many have been working on various medical technological tools to carry out research on unseen problems in human health. This has resulted in the development of new drugs which have helped in curing the most challenging human diseases.

In a similar move, Google has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the risk of heart attack (cardiac arrest) for a person within the time period of five years just through the scan of his/her eye. This method also proved to be as accurate as the currently followed methods in market to detect the risk of heart attack.

With the analysis of scans of the rear part of a patient’s eye, this software is able to accurately deduce data including the age of that person, blood pressure and whether or not they smoke. This is truly brilliant and can be of true help in the medical field. Here are some of the test results and findings using Google’s new AI algorithm through retina scans (image is taken from nature).

This new AI algorithms by Google approached the accuracy of current methods but were far from being perfect. When presented images of the eyes of two different people (one who suffered a cardiac event such as heart attack or stroke within five years of the photo and the other who did not), it could correctly pick the patient who fell ill 70% of the time.

The currently available methods detect a cardiac event through the blood tests which are 72% accurate as per the available reports. The newly developed software could well prove to be time saving compared to the available techniques and it needs to be tested more thoroughly before put it to use in the clinical setting as per the findings of ‘Nature’.

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