Jeff Bezos is Now The World’s Richest Man was founded way back in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who was just a technology and retail entrepreneur back then. Today, he is the CEO of, which over the years grew and is now the world’s largest online shopping retailer.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is only 53 years old but he has hit headlines today as he has been declared as the richest man in the world, overtaking Bill Gates, who has held that spot for a very, very long time. Gates was a founding member of Microsoft in 1975 and we must say that Bezos has grown much faster.

We all knew it was just a matter of time before Bezos overtook Gates at the top and he did just a couple of hours back, primarily due to the surge in the share price. Here’s how it’s done in the last 3 months:

Read Scoops Amazon share price
Amazon share price on 27th July

Ahead of the company’s earnings report that will be out later today, share price surged up and if it remains there at the time of the closing bell, Bezos will stay the richest man alive or else Bill Gates will regain his position, a position he has held since 2013.

Bezos has been a billionaire for over 20 years but his wealth has grown considerably in the last 2 years and his net worth is currently over $90 million. He entered the billionaire’s list 20 years ago but is now only the sixth person to hold the spot for richest in the last 30 years.

Read Scoops Jeff Bezos
Read Scoops Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s share price zoomed over $15+ overnight and given the fact that Bezos holds over 80 million shares of the company, his net worth increased by $1.2+ billion, which was enough for him to overtake Gates at the top. If you ask me, Jeff is going to stay at the top for quite a while as Amazon is a company that is growing every day.

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