Learn How to Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web!

There have been lots of reports and images going around about the new ‘Dark Theme‘ which has been launched for WhatsApp. There are a few sources keeping an eye out on every small update coming in and while this dark mode will be available for both iOS and Android, there’s a way you can activate the same using WhatsApp Web as well!

So, if you were wondering if you can get the dark theme on WhatsApp Web, the answer is an obvious YES. We’ll help you understand how to do so today. Currently, the dark mode for both iOS and Android apps are being developed and nothing is officially released as yet. However, there’s a way you can get this mode before even getting the official release from WhatsApp.

There are only two real requirements. One is the updated and latest installed version of your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Since you will make use of an extension, it may not be compatible with older versions of your browser. It will also help you stay safe from vulnerabilities. Two is the Stylus extension.

How to get 'Dark Theme' on WhatsApp Web


  • If you use Google Chrome, visit the Google webstore and install Stylus. This extension allows you to apply themes while using particular websites.
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox, visit this link to get the same Mozilla add-on equivalent.
  • Once the browser extension is installed, install the theme that is needed for Stylus to apply on your WhatsApp Web. You can find that theme here but there are also other themes available on the website.
  • Click on ‘Install Style‘.
  • Reload or refresh your WhatsApp Web page and tada! You will now be the owner of a dark themed WhatsApp Web!

Remember, WhatsApp hasn’t officially announced the launch of the dark mode of any of their apps or browser versions. These are all unofficial hacks and you are completely responsible damage that may happen while downloading third-party apps and extensions. However, this particular hack has been tried and tested by us at Read Scoops.

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