Microsoft to Kill MS Paint in Next Windows Update?

UPDATE 25th July 2017: Ms Paint avoids death, and is here to stay for a while longer.

Very recently, American multinational technology company Microsoft announced quite a few programs that have been included in the “Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” list. Sadly, the legendary editing software MS Paint has been included in it.

It’s been over 30 years since MS Paint made it’s debut in Windows 1.0 – 1985 (32 years to be precise). However, these latest reports say that Microsoft is planning to scrap the age old editing software in the next Windows 10 update. Now, there are two things that could happen.

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No more MS Paint?

As the name of the list says, the software will either get completely removed, or will be deprecated. This means that the 32-year old MS Paint will either not make it to the next update, or will make it through for the next decade or so, but without any new features being added to it. Whatever is the final decision, people around the world are NOT HAPPY.
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To be honest, MS Paint has been a part of the childhoods of all us 1980’s and 1990’s kids. The software has been a simpler and free version of Photoshop where we’ve all spent hours doodling and imagining ourselves as future graphic designers.

Although it debuted in 1985, it was not until Windows 98 that you could save a Paint image in JPG format and ever since, the app has seen countless number of updates. Is it now the end of the road for Microsoft Paint?

Not very long ago, Microsoft released a newer edition of the software known as Paint 3D, so I highly doubt that MS Paint will be deprecated but will in fact by removed in the next update. I suggest you enjoy MS Paint until it’s around and cherish all those years of memories you have had with the software. I personally still use Paint very often, and will miss it for sure.

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