Samsung Reveals Glimpse of Foldable Phone

On the night of Wednesday, 7th November, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. unveiled the first look of its foldable smartphone in San Francisco, while also urging software developers to commence making apps for the model. They revealed the first glimpse of this much-awaited smartphone and now, we only have to wait and see how well it does once launched.

The company’s mobile division has lost a fair amount of profits and cachet to its biggest competitor, Apple. Now, this experiment of a foldable handheld device is a huge step towards reversing some of these falls in profits. The model basically promises a screen as big as a tablet’s, but in a size that can fit into your pocket.


Samsung Electronics America’s Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing Senior VP, Justin Denison, unveiled the product’s prototype last night, while mentioning that the screen measures 7.3 inches diagonally. While open, the device looks like a tablet, but when folded in two, it looks like a slightly thicker version of your usual mobile phone.

Samsung revealed the prototype but didn’t allow the media or developers present at the event to touch it or get an up close view. An Android-based device of this foldable smartphone is set to hit markets early next year, said David Burke,Ā VP of engineering for Google’s Android software platform, at the California press conference. He said,Ā “We expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers.”

Now while the bendable and foldable aspects of the phone are certainly going to ‘WOW’ customers, critics and analysts aren’t quite too sure about the other aspects, such as the price tag that’s going to be associated with the phone, or even the thickness of the phone, which may be a little more bulgy than the standard consumer likes.

Take a look:

ā€œI really think it only takes two companies, and then all of the sudden it will catch on. And the fact that Google was on stage, that says a lot. For developers to be able to integrate it with all their apps, that gives me a lot of confidence,ā€ said Joshua Clark, one of the developers present at the conference.

We’re all excited for the launch of this new device and you can keep watching


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