Twitter to Stick With 280-Character Tweets!

NEWS IN ONE LINE: After a long trial period, Twitter has finally decided to stick with its new tweet limit of 280 characters, compared to the earlier limit of 140 characters.

FULL STORY: Earlier, Twitter was always a challenge for users, as they had to fit in their tweets and get across their messages to the masses within 140 characters. Now, I don’t see that challenge anymore as Twitter has decided to stick with its new update of having everyone allowed to use 280 characters, doubling the existing limit.

To be honest, I feel this was a completely unnecessary update as it was always fun to go through hundreds of short and sweet tweets. Now, I may end up going through much lesser content, and will probably end up boring myself halfway through as well.

The question is – Wouldn’t everyone just be happier with an update that gave your the chance to edit your tweets? Every time we make a mistake, we have to delete our tweet and tweet again!

Considering that the trial period was to see whether the idea was a good one or not, shouldn’t Twitter have taken into consideration what its users wanted as well? Why not search the hashtag #280characters and check out the top tweets – I see most of the people unhappy with this needless update.

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I have been having the option to tweet in 280 characters on and off in the last one week and I was hoping this wasn’t a permanent feature of Twitter. Apparently, the trial run actually began in September and now whether you like it or not, Twitter has announced that this feature is here to stay!

Do you feel the update was a good one or a bad one? What do you think brought on this move by Twitter?

Leave your comments and let us know!

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