UPDATE: WhatsApp Will Soon Let You ‘Recall’ Messages That Have Already Been Sent!

The popular instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp‘ is always getting better and every now and then, we have a new update from the company with even better features than the previous versions.

Compared to the start where there was just an option to send text messages, WhatsApp now gives us the ability to exchange all sorts of files, contacts, music, photos, videos, GIFs, create status updates, voice call, video call and much more.

At the moment, if you want to delete a message that has already been sent, you CANNOT. If you hit delete, the message(s) will only get deleted from your own phone. However, with the new update scheduled to roll out soon, you will be able to ‘Recall‘ sent messages, so that the person you have sent it to doesn’t receive it either. You could also term this as the ‘Unsend‘ feature.

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WhatsApp Recall Feature
WhatsApp Recall Feature

Yes, if you have ever sent a text by mistake, or sent a text to the wrong person, you will soon have the chance to delete such a text before the person you sent it to has read it. Once read, no changes can be made but until the receiver reads your texts, you will have the option of deleting sent texts, photos, videos or GIFs.

According to sources, this unsend/recall feature may be available very soon – probably the 2.17.30 version of WhatsApp or maybe the later versions too. But remember, the ability to revoke sent messages will only be possible if the person you have sent a message too hasn’t read that particular message as yet.

We at Read Scoops were the first to get to know about this WhatsApp feature that will be out soon, so we decided to let you guys know about it too. The feature is set to hit Android first, and then iOS. Keep an eye out on this space for similar content and latest Tech updates.

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