What is Tesla Model 3 And Who is Elon Musk?

Tesla has been one of the most controversial automobile companies in US till date. However, it has been the most successful one as well. Tesla is into manufacturing of ‘one of a kind’ electric cars and with its launch of Model 3, it has created a history.

But lets talk something about Tesla first:

Tesla owned by Elon Musk who is also the founder of

  1. SpaceX [Space],
  2. PayPal [Finance],
  3. Solar City [Solar Powered Homes],
  4. OpenAI [Artificial Intelligence],
  5. Boring [Transportation], 
  6. Neuralink [something to do with Brain Neurons] 

Elon Musk who is also called the real life Iron Man, has built all these in just a span of around 30 years. He is also on Forbes Billionaire list on number 80 with a net worth of $15.9B

So lets come back to Tesla which is not mentioned in the top 6 list of companies that Elon started.

The company had a completely different take on Electric Cars. Throughout the history electric cars were ugly, took long time to charge and were very slow. Elon wanted to change this mind set and thought of taking it in his hands to revamp the mindset for Electric cars. He formed Tesla and the first car that Tesla manufactured was not a mass market car but a SPORTS CAR! Yes, an Electric Sports Car!


It was an instant hit! There was nothing like this that world ever saw and all the billionaires wanted to get their hands on it. The charging stations took just an hour to charge it from 0 to 100%. This was something tough to achieve but he did it.

The strategy of Tesla was to launch various models of Tesla till they achieve enough cash flow for a Mass Market Production car. Their next two cars were equally well received by a larger audience. They came up with Model S and Model X. Lets have a look at them as well:

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of Spacex and Tesla is Shaping Our Future

Model 3 was the Mass Market Car! The launch was simply spectacular. They offered cars with a $1,000 booking charge and the response was mind boggling. After just a week of unveiling Model 3, it was reported that they have received more than 3,25,000 reservations of the car!

Imagine that even though you have only seen a car model on the internet and there are no user reviews, and still you are getting such a huge number of bookings! It was simply amazing but there were other major challenges. The total production of Model 3 would require a lot of batteries and this is where the Giga Factory comes in place!

Lets have a look :

Would you mind buying a Tesla Model 3 now? It would still cost approximately 55 lakh INR in India! Above that there are no Superchargers or Charging Stations in India so it will be difficult to move for longer distances. Recently when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to US and met Elon, there are plans to launch Tesla in India! It was also reported that Ambanis and others have also booked a Tesla.

So we are hoping that the plan works out faster than expected and we will soon see Teslas on Indian roads.

The first Tesla was delivered to the customer finally after a wait of one long year! Let us wait and see how customers find that interesting!

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