WhatsApp Rolls out ‘Group Call’ Feature

WhatsApp Messenger has announced many new features in the year 2018, and we’re bringing you some of those which you should know about. WhatsApp has become the most preferred means of sharing information these days. It is nearly ten years since the launch of WhatsApp and its reach has only been increasing with every day.

It has got a very simple front end user interface and its high user-friendly nature is building its follower base daily. It has got a very simple design which helps people from across age groups find it easy to use. Developers have not tinkered with the design of the app but have added a lot many features inside.

Some features that are worth noting:

Media visibility: ‘WhatsApp for Android’ allows the user to control the media content that the user want to see in their phone’s gallery. Images and videos were earlier directly downloaded to your phone’s media library or galley without any user permissions which can be prevented now with this feature.

Labelling forwarded messages: WhatsApp indicates which messages the user receive have been forwarded to the user. This can help the user know if their contact wrote the complete message or if it was a forwarded from someone else. This helps in reduces spam messages on the social messaging platform.

Group calling

Control to admin: This is another prominent and very important feature that WhatsApp has launched in the recent past. This allows only admins (of a WhatsApp group) to send a message in the group. To enable this setting, go to ‘Group Info > Group Settings > Send Messages > Only Admins‘. Also, in WhatsApp group settings, a new control feature has been enabled. This features allows only admins to restrict who can change the details of the group such as Group Subject, Group Icon, Group description and so on.

Demote admins: This is one of the much needed features in WhatsApp. This feature allows a group admin to demote the other admin of the same group to a participant without actually removing the person from that group. Earlier, an admin of a group had to be removed and added as a member to demote their status in the same group!

WhatsApp group call: Finally, the wait is over. This has to be one of the best features that WhatsApp has introduced till date – a group calling feature. Users can now use this option to add up to four participants in a call at a single point of time. More importantly, both voice and video call in WhatsApp supports this feature. Interestingly, Instagram already has this feature up and rolling!

Check out this video to know some secret WhatsApp features you probably didn’t know already:

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